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Carina Lastimosa in an actor from the San Francisco Bay Area, California; currently residing in Bloomington, Indiana. Carina is a recipient of Theatre Bay Area's TITAN Award. Bay Area credits include theatre companies Center REPertory Company, Magic Theatre, Cutting Ball Theater, Bay Area Children's Theatre, and Berkeley Playhouse, among others.

"Notable performances from the ensemble cast bring to life Hagedorn’s complex characters... Carina Lastimosa Salazar shines with both charm and tragedy as the probinsyana Trinidad 'Trini' Gamboa." - Wilfred Galila, Inquirer

"Carina Lastimosa Salazar has the pivotal role of Ann Deever, the former girlfriend of the Kellers’ son Larry, who has been missing in action since before the end of the war... Salazar is the bright spot in the production. She and Schilling are equally powerful in their portrayals, but she gets to be the good guy, the one who eases everyone else into accepting the reality of their past." - Elizabeth Warnimont, The Herald

"Youngest sister Rose could play as two-dimensional, the kind of earnest young woman that every man falls in love with, but  Lastimosa grounds her character’s sweetness in a deep sense of self. Her scenes with Alexander M. Lydon as love interest Henry are some of the show’s most charged; in her presence, Lydon’s speech, face and posture all seem to melt." - Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle